Cognitive Data and IntelliDRESS

“Game Changing Technology”

Here is another product (IntelliDRESS) I came across about a company located in Little Rock, Arkansas – Cognitive Data.  This information from their website is a good summary about what their data quality solution (IntelliDRESS) can do for you.

From the website:

“Cognitive Data’s clients typically recognize revenue gains of 4% to 8% per year.   A typical mail file contains 85% accurate records, 10% incorrect, but correctable records, and 5% impaired, and un-repairable records.”

“IntelliDRESS repairs the incorrect records (wrong address), improves the marginal records (apt # missing), and proactively identifies the undeliverable records for suppression and replacement with unique deliverable records. When this occurs, the overall mail campaign is maximized, providing a 4% to 8% increase in sales for the same marketing promotion cost.”

Why Data Hygiene?

Here are some more insights from Cognitive Data and how they insure the quality of your customer data is optimized:

“Typical customer mail files contain hard to recognize duplicate records, due to married and maiden names, as well as impaired addresses and customers whose life stage buying power has diminished. These records are the lowest performance deciles of any responder analysis, and can be proactively identified and substituted with better responding, unique records, thus optimizing the overall campaign sales.”

For more information about Cognitive Data and how they are different:

The example in the above link is a great illustration of how a combination of unique algorithm’s and proprietary matching software can assist clients in optimizing the “single customer view” inside your next CDI or MDM initiative.


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