Data Hygiene – A Simple Definition

Here is a simple definition I found about data hygiene: 

Data Hygiene are principles and practices that serve to maintain accuracy in computer data.

This term originated back around 1995 in the direct mail industry.

What data hygiene tool(s) does your company use today?


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  1. Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen on

    In our company – Omikron Data Quality – we are marketing a Data Quality Server.

    This product is able to structure master data hierarchies to support (among other things) customer data integration built on identity resolution and deduplication based on data hygiene activities.

    Here I see hygiene as validating and correcting attributes or groups of attributes in the data.

    For customer (business partner) data the postal address is one group of attributes. We use several tools and services for that. At highest level we also have chosen AddressDoctor, because it has a good global coverage. But we also use national movers check services and also in several European countries you are able to use public citizen registration (which seems to be better organized than in the US).

    For other attributes as phone numbers, email addresses, names and genders we have other solutions.

    With B2B records we use the D&B worldbase for global validation, correction and hierarchy assignment, but again in some cases there are national alternatives available around the world.

  2. md on

    good articles here

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