Netrics Matching Engine

I recently read about a Data Matching Innovator – Netrics – Positioned in Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools by Gartner in 2008. 

Netrics claims to provide unparalleled matching accuracy, despite inconsistencies in diverse datasets, eliminating the need for rigid standardization.  Netrics software enables successful data integration and data quality projects – by overcoming data that is inconsistent, incomplete, and incomparable – across every type of data subject area. 

This matching engine sounds very intriguing to me. Has anyone used or heard about Netrics or have information they can share about their data quality solution?


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  1. Mark Besaans on

    I have written a command-line Java Data Auditing program which requires a standard SQL file or a delimited file to drive keyed row/column level comparisons between any source of data and any target database table. I am interested in helping.

    • Peter Benza on


      It sounds like you have done some interesting work in this area, as well. You will need to directly contact Netrics directly to inquire further about your interests. As far as the data audit program itself, can you share anything more about the comparisons? It appears the audit can be specified to be either row and/or column specific…

      Do the row and column tallies then produce some sort of aggregate table as output? If you can share more that would be great, and if not… then we understand why. Does it stop here or and then other applications consume it for reporting purposes?


      • Mark on

        Sorry, I only found this reply now. Please see:
        for all details about the software. It all still works and is very useful. See also a later product called diffkit.

  2. Patrick Austermann on

    When I was in charge of the IT operation of the web sites for Time Warner/Bertelsmann’s US book clubs (such as Book of the Month Club and about 40 other book clubs) we chose Netrics as the search engine to help millions of customers find the books they were looking for (that was in 2003/2004). We compared several major vendors and Netrics won by a significant margin in accuracy, performance and ease of integration.

    I was intrigued by the technology and the company … and in 2006 I joined Netrics as the VP Engineering and I have to say Netrics fully stands behind this claim and are willing to prove it. I’d be happy to provide more information about our unique approach and our company and products.

    The technology it truly unique – in how it mathematically models the human notion of similarity – which means that you can very quickly obtain very accurate results independently of the type of data you are matching (or language or culture) – names, patients, product identifiers, TV programs …

  3. Douglas Wood on

    I’ve had the opportunity to meet with some of the folks from Netrics, and I believe they are an excellent company with a good management team. There is, however, much to be said about simple mathematical modeling when resolving identities and entities. I encourage readers to check out the following post for a different perspective.

    Only a true “identity resolution engine” can provide the widest array and most accurate levels of matching, PLUS provide non-obvious relationship analytics. As you can see in the above link, in the case of simple matching engines… the math doesn’t add up.

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