Enclarity – ProviderPoint

I continue to get requests from companies who would like to have some information posted about one or more of their companies offerings or added to the blogroll.  Here is a company that specializes in the healthcare payer market:

Company Name: Enclarity

Service Offering: ProviderPoint

When Enclarity receives your provider file, it uses AcuSync to cleanse the file – identifying and replacing inaccurate, duplicate and incomplete records. It also augments the file with additional data attributes.  Enclarity’s data scientists work with you to establish business rules that govern what updates, corrections and augmentations happen automatically, and where your staff’s expertise will come into play. After those rules are applied, ProviderPoint delivers a clean provider file ready for easy integration into your systems.

ProviderPoint cleans and enhances your provider files with information from Enclarity’s Master Provider Referential Database, which uses Enclarity’s innovative AcuSync™ process to leverage thousands of referential and transactional data sources.

AcuSync uses advanced analytical and database methods to efficiently and reliably standardize, match and join data from different sources, and then produce a provider profile that contains the best available information.

If anyone would like to comment about Enclarity or any one of their service offerings, please do so.

For more information regarding Enclarity: www.enlarity.com


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  1. Mark Battaglia on

    Thank you for posting about Enclarity. Two quick things:

    – Enclarity’s focus is the healthcare payer market, including PPOs and P&C insurers when they are paying healthcare claims, not the pharmaceutical market.

    – Enclarity’s web address is http://www.enclarity.com.

    Thanks again,

    Mark Battagla

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