Westminster International – Data Dry Cleaning

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What is Data Dry Cleaning?


1.)    Address Correction/Standardization

2.)    Case Conversion to improve case-sensitive address data

3.)    Canadian or US NCOA (National Change of Address)

4.)    Duplicate Identification


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  1. Steve Falk on

    Up to 18% of Canadians move every year. NCOA is a proven method for retaining your customers, donors, supporters.

    On average we find about 6% of a list can be replaced with a new address for a household that has moved. Add address accuracy, and duplicate identification and you have a robust reason for an annual data hygiene session.

    Our clients understand that it is easier to find existing clients than to go out and attract new ones. This applies to business as well as fundraisers.

    http://www.datadrycleaning.com is coming on line in September. It will be our new resource for these effective services.

    We are a phone call or email away if you have any questions.

    Steve Falk

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