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If you would like to have your company name added to the DataHygiene blogroll – please submit your request below.


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  1. Marty Shaw on

    Hello Peter,

    I came across your blog searching Google within our industry; international postal data processing/data hygiene. If you feel it’s appropriate I welcome having Global-Z International included in your blogroll.

    ~ Marty

  2. Peter Benza on


    I added Global-Z international to the blogroll. Feel free to post comments or add your own articles to share with other readers of the site.


  3. Mark Battaglia on

    Hello Peter,

    Another suggestion for your list… Enclarity’s ProviderPoint is a hosted solution used by 4 of the top 10 healthcare payers, 4 of the top 10 PPOs, and many other organizations to de-duplicate, standardize, verify, cleanse and augment the healthcare provider files they use in claims, provider directories and other key functions.

    Best wishes,

  4. Steve Falk on

    I also stumbled upon your site using Google searches about our industry – data hygiene.

    I’d appreciate it if you could add our company, Westminster International to your blogroll.

    Thanks, Steve

  5. Dave Anderson on

    Hi Peter,

    Perhaps you could post this link to a Free Data Quality Analysis!


    • Peter Benza on


      This sounds great. Can you describe a little bit more what the free data quality analysis consists of… so, readers have a idea of what the parameters are regarding this offer?


  6. Dave Anderson on


    Online data hygiene service provider.


  7. Patrick Austermann on


    if you could include Netrics in your blogroll that would be great. One of our tag lines is “Get Clean, Stay Clean” so that dovetails nicely with Data Hygiene !



  8. Jim Harris on

    Hi Peter,

    Can you please add Obsessive-Compulsive Data Quality ( to your blogroll?

    OCDQ Blog is an independent blog offering a vendor-neutral perspective on data quality.

    Vendor-neutral does not mean no vendor related content. When the products and services of vendors are presented or discussed, it will be done in an objective manner.

    The goal is to foster an environment in which a diversity of viewpoints is freely shared without bias. Everyone is invited to get involved in the discussion and have an opportunity to hear what others have to offer.

    Thanks and Best Regards…

    Jim Harris

  9. Charlotte Hart on

    Hi Peter,

    I read your artical regarding address management solutions and wondered whether you would be happy to add Capscan to your blagroll. Capscan are a leading provider of both data capture and data hygiene software solutions for over 190 countries worldwide.



  10. Preston Sumner on


    Could you please add Unilog Content Solutions to your blogroll if appropriate? I say if appropriate because we offer data classification, cleansing, normalization, attribution extraction, and enrichment services (not software) for parts and product data (not customer data).

    As a provider of domain expertise-based services we (and our customers) have found that it is often more effective and efficient to utilize subject matter expertise to complement (or substitute for)software tools.


  11. April Thrush on

    Hi Peter,

    I also discovered you via google and would really appreciate you listing our company – The Ark – on your blogroll.

    Have a great 2011!

  12. Address Logics on


    Excellent blog. I’m not sure why I had not come across it before. We’re one of the newer kids on the block and deal strictly with Address Correction.

    If you wouldn’t mind adding us to your list that would much appreciated. Thanks again for the morning read.


    A bit about who we are:
    “Address Logics is an industry first, and only, provider in “genetic-coding” based address hygiene. Explicitly designed to correct postal addresses to USPS standards, eliminate return mail, and significantly increase address dependent data services such as NCOA™ and phone append within minutes.

    Address Logics corrects on avg 72% of invalid addresses — the highest in the industry.

    In 2011, Address Logics boosted Phone Append match rates by 14% on avg.

    How? Simple, a better address means better data. The current industry uses element dictionaries and pattern based matching systems to fix non-standard addresses. Address Logics’ fuzzy logic core is able to parse, detect and correct the commonly found issues no other service can. Errors such as phonetic spellings, special character inserts, multipart keystroke errors, and missing or misleading information. All of this is done within minutes and can be returned in a variety of formats, including production web services.”

  13. Scott Johnson on

    Hi Peter,

    If you wouldn’t mind adding AccuZIP to the Blogroll – Data Hygeine, it would be greatly appreciated. We provide real-time address verification API’s and webservices for on-premises and cloud based processing along with NCOA move processing.

    Thank you,

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