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Data Assessment Service Offering – Automate, Optimize, Integrate And Even Manual Research

Do you need help automating, optimizing, integrating, or support manually researching your customer addresses that did not match or were rejected after processing one million (or 100 million records) through one of the many available (professional) software packages your company may have licensed for a recent or upcoming data quality initiative?

Let me help!

Important Note: I am not here to displace or replace your existing software provider, but help support and validate what you have in place today as it relates to:  addressing methods, data quality standards, and even help you establish a data governance strategy that enables your entire enterprise to benefit by a routine, consistent way to manager your names and addresses.  I can help you internally audit your customer name and address file(s) and more depending on the scope and budget you might have in mind.

Please email me for more information at:

  • I have over 25 years of working with customer names and addresses dating back to 1985 when I first joined Metromail Corporation (a mass compiler of public information – driver, voter, real estate, and phone book directories), now Experian.
  • I have mastered and know how to analyze all the nuances between address types and document any necessary business rules that may impact one or more steps, such as: clean, standardize, match, merge, dedupe, household, profile, aggregate, suppress, optimize, and score.
  • I have personally assessed over 200+ customer name and address files and visually displayed the results (before and after) using professional mapping tools for c-level sponsors ranging from: state government, telco, utility, insurance, banking, retail, catalog, and oil/gas master data sources files in preparation of automating large file builds (CDI & MDM)  that span a company’s entire enterprise.
  • I administered for seven years (earlier in my career) a customer master file that spanned multiple desperate address sources (credit, catalog, direct response, insurance, retail) numbering over 200 million (individual) address records or approximately 80 million household records (after applying householding algorithms) that were additionally flagged as mailable vs. non-mailable for direct mail purposes.  We also statistically modeled, scored, and ranked these records from high to low segmented into specialty groupings.
  • I have worked with and mastered many of the USPS postal information address related products over the past 25 years (NCOA, CASS, ZIP+4, DPV,  DSF, Z4Change, etc…) which are modules inside nearly every USA postal and geographic coder from suppliers like Pitney Bowes, Group 1 Software, Anchor, Trillium, Postal Soft, First Logic and even IBM, Oracle, and SAP’s enterprise data quality solutions.
  • Most recently, I have lead (and mentored) major corporate (Top 100) data quality initiatives using MDM solutions like Initiate Systems (now IBM) and Siperian (now Informatica) for the pharmacy, oil/gas, and tele-communications industry’s.  I even worked with Business Objects, DataFlux, and Model1 when they first entered the market years ago in 2000.

I look forward to talking to you and about your companies challenges regarding “address information” (data quality) and how it relates to your present day technical and business requirements across your enterprise.

This blog (data hygiene) I started back in 2008 although I registered it officially the first time in 2000.  This blog contains many of the industry leaders in this space who have sent me requests to add them to the blogroll registry.

If you would like your company product, solution, or website link added – please send me a blogroll request using the tab on the website.  If you need a consultant to assist your company with a data assessment – please email me at:

Regards, Peter

Name: Peter Benza

Company: Enterprise Advice



Gartner Says… Companies Want to Get The Data Right

Here is a good < 10 minute video on MDM from Gartner = November 2008 by Ted Friedman, Vice President covering Data Integration, Data Quality and Data Warehousing.

My high-level notes:

1.) Ties to critical business initiatives are a must.

2.) Gartner is seeing “pre-packaged” product offerings on the rise.

3.) Appliance offerings also… “Datawarehouse in a Box”.

4.) Challenges of Data Integration and Data Quality – automating data transformation and data cleansing routines.

5.) Companies getting even more serious about Data Quality given the regulatory issues.

6.) Data Quality and its impact on loss productivity, inaccurate data, etc.

7.) Companies want to get the data right.

8.) Business issues > IT issues according to Gartner

9.) Key question to ask your client is what does Data Quality mean to you?

10.) Dimensions are several – identify key metrics and they must be fact-based.

11.) Data Quality tools continue to emerge in the industry.

12.) Information Management issues are top of mind.

If your company has a Master Data Managment (MDM)

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Here is Ted’s video:

Enclarity – ProviderPoint

I continue to get requests from companies who would like to have some information posted about one or more of their companies offerings or added to the blogroll.  Here is a company that specializes in the healthcare payer market:

Company Name: Enclarity

Service Offering: ProviderPoint

When Enclarity receives your provider file, it uses AcuSync to cleanse the file – identifying and replacing inaccurate, duplicate and incomplete records. It also augments the file with additional data attributes.  Enclarity’s data scientists work with you to establish business rules that govern what updates, corrections and augmentations happen automatically, and where your staff’s expertise will come into play. After those rules are applied, ProviderPoint delivers a clean provider file ready for easy integration into your systems.

ProviderPoint cleans and enhances your provider files with information from Enclarity’s Master Provider Referential Database, which uses Enclarity’s innovative AcuSync™ process to leverage thousands of referential and transactional data sources.

AcuSync uses advanced analytical and database methods to efficiently and reliably standardize, match and join data from different sources, and then produce a provider profile that contains the best available information.

If anyone would like to comment about Enclarity or any one of their service offerings, please do so.

For more information regarding Enclarity:

Data Hygiene T-Shirts With A Smile


For This T-Shirt And More:  Click Here

If you would like to purchase  a DataHygiene T-Shirt with your company (or vendor’s) name on it – Please email: or leave a comment.

Companies with T-shirts already customized are:  Group 1 Software, Informatica, and Trillium Software.

There are also T-shirts with just a smile or question mark on them – if you don’t want one that is personalized with a vendor’s name on it.

ISI – Your Enteprise Data Management and Compliance Partner

Here is another popular company in the data hygiene space and more:

… with strong credentials in banking, insurance, financial services, and government.

Point solutions range from:

postal coding and geocoding, regulatory compliance, customer centric databases, data migration, data quality, data warehousing, and merger and acquisitions.