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Westminster International – Data Dry Cleaning

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What is Data Dry Cleaning?


1.)    Address Correction/Standardization

2.)    Case Conversion to improve case-sensitive address data

3.)    Canadian or US NCOA (National Change of Address)

4.)    Duplicate Identification


NCOA – “Data Hygiene” Poll Question

If you want to learn more about NCOA before you answer the DataHygiene poll:  Click Here

Hint:  Over 40 million Americans change this every year!

Or, if you want to answer the poll question now:

Address Standardization “Modules”

Each company has their own “components” or modules for address standardization, correction, and enhancement purposes – in batch and/or real time mode.

What module(s) do you currently use (or license) or would like to get more information on… please comment.

First Data Hygiene “Coder” – 19??

I think one of the first “data hygiene” coders that was commercially made available was Code1 by Group 1 Software around 1981.  My first job in 1983 was at Metromail Corporation located in Lincoln, NE and at that time we were using Code1.

Does 1981 sound about right?

Hmmm… ZIP Codes were first used by the USPS (Post Office) in 1965.  I guess between this time and the early 80’s there were a lot of “home grown” match engines out there using postal databases.

If anyone has any better “intel” please share!