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What Different Routines Do You Consider Important When “Data Profiling” In Order To Reveal The Quality Of Information In A Data Source?

There are several different types of data quality tools in the marketplace today to essentially do one important thing – cleanse, validate, correct, and enhance your data.

In order to better understand what the “quality expectation” is for YOUR CLIENT a baseline (or scorecard) must be established for each source system. Data profiling is an ideal way to reveal and share the results with others in order to make an informed decision and rank your findings.


Premier-International’s EPACTL Tool (Applaud)

Premier-International is based in Chicago and has software and consulting services:

What is Applaud?

Applaud is the only “EPACTL” tool – the only single software product with integrated tools to extract, profile, analyze, cleanse, transform and load data.

EPACTL is a new breed of software that provides integrated tools to accomplish all requirements of data quality and data migration/consolidation projects.

After reviewing the website, here are some of the key service offerings I would like to share which has been directly taken from their website to avoid mis-representation:

1.) Data Migration and Data Conversion – Migrating data from legacy systems to a new replacement system.

2.) Data Consolidation – Consolidating data from multiple instances of the same system or multiple disparate systems.

3.) Data Cleansing – Cleansing data and supporting data quality initiatives.

4.) Data Quality Audits – Performing data quality audits.

5.) Data Integration – Constructing interfaces between on-going systems.

6.) Data Management for IT – Building customized data management solutions.

7.) Data Management for Employee Benefits – Delivering customized data management solutions for employee benefit consultants and actuaries.

8.) Rapid Application Development – Using Applaud’s RAD tools to deliver dynamic system solutions fast.

If you want to learn more about Applaud and Premier International, visit…

If there are any readers out their who have knowledge about Premier-International or Applaud, please feel free to comment.

Seamless Data Quality for SAP

Using Information Server Data Quality Module:

1.) Duplicate Check

2.) Error Tolerant Search

* IBM OmniFind and IBM Information Server – Quality Stage

Listen to Details With Illustrative Examples:

Data Hygiene T-Shirts With A Smile


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Netrics Matching Engine

I recently read about a Data Matching Innovator – Netrics – Positioned in Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools by Gartner in 2008. 

Netrics claims to provide unparalleled matching accuracy, despite inconsistencies in diverse datasets, eliminating the need for rigid standardization.  Netrics software enables successful data integration and data quality projects – by overcoming data that is inconsistent, incomplete, and incomparable – across every type of data subject area. 

This matching engine sounds very intriguing to me. Has anyone used or heard about Netrics or have information they can share about their data quality solution?