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TowerData – Email Data Hygiene

I came across TowerData the other day as I continue to search for companies with a data hygiene tool or related services.  It appears one of their more popular services at TowerData is Email Change of Address (ECOA).  TowerData also provides a full-range of traditional postal services, such as: CASS, LACS, DPV, and NCOA.

Here is a little bit more about ECOA:

Email Change of Address (ECOA) – Replaces undeliverable email addresses with current, working email addresses for your customers.

MxCorrect – Fixes email addresses with spelling and syntax errors.

MxValid – Verifies which addresses can or can not receive email.

If you have more information about these services or other companies offering a similar service then please share with the rest of us.

Here is a quick link to their website: