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Data Warehouse Studio

Here is another request I received and would like to share with my readers:

Data Warehouse Studio complements your current ETL technology and helps to automate the management and code generation processes as you build your Warehouse and/or Mart. Data Warehouse Studio customers are accelerating their implementations by as much as 3 − 10 times vs. conventional methods.

The Software collects specifications from various contributors – architects, analysts and modelers taking in to consideration that a large number of specs can be reused across different feeds and projects. By providing each type of contributor a custom entry screen we are eliminating redundant manual activities that are present in conventional methodologies. Once the specs have been entered, with the push of a button DWS generates ETL & Sql code in the tool of your choice (Informatica, DataStage, Talend, etc.)

Here are some of the benefits:

For Architects:

> We ensure consistency of implementation across the entire project and adhere to architectural requirements

For Developers:

> The automation of mundane tasks
> The generation of staging jobs
> Automated surrogate key generation
> Automated Referential Integrity validation
> Automated History Management
> Automated Error Handling
> Impact Analysis

For Analysts:

> We ensure generated code fully corresponds to teh business logic
> Fast turnaround time
> Facilitation of data mapping activities

For Managers:

> Short project timelines
> Lower cost deployments
> Documentation generations
> Inventory of Feeds
> Hardware and Software Utilization Metrics
> Data Lineage Reporting

Please email Scott Davidson below if you would like to receive a 2 week trial license and/or a demo.

Scott Davidson
Gamma Systems

For a real life customer success story, please check out this link: