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Gartner Says… Companies Want to Get The Data Right

Here is a good < 10 minute video on MDM from Gartner = November 2008 by Ted Friedman, Vice President covering Data Integration, Data Quality and Data Warehousing.

My high-level notes:

1.) Ties to critical business initiatives are a must.

2.) Gartner is seeing “pre-packaged” product offerings on the rise.

3.) Appliance offerings also… “Datawarehouse in a Box”.

4.) Challenges of Data Integration and Data Quality – automating data transformation and data cleansing routines.

5.) Companies getting even more serious about Data Quality given the regulatory issues.

6.) Data Quality and its impact on loss productivity, inaccurate data, etc.

7.) Companies want to get the data right.

8.) Business issues > IT issues according to Gartner

9.) Key question to ask your client is what does Data Quality mean to you?

10.) Dimensions are several – identify key metrics and they must be fact-based.

11.) Data Quality tools continue to emerge in the industry.

12.) Information Management issues are top of mind.

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Here is Ted’s video: